While you will likely use many different pillows over the course of your life, there will always be that one which is just right for you. It’s important to find that perfect fit for you, especially since this bed companion spends eight hours a day when you sleep, which is one-third of your life with you.

To help you identify your perfect pillow, we have paired a number of personality types with the MM Foam pillow that best reflects them. Go ahead, find yours.

 Snuggle Pillow

Snuggle Pillow for The Affectionate

You aren’t afraid to show your love and even if people run away from your bear hugs, you still shower them with all the affection in the world. You need a good cuddle regularly even in bed to sleep well, and your pillow must be the best to snuggle up to instead of giving you allergies or causing pain to your neck. Get MM Foam’s soft Snuggle Pillows, perfect for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Passion Pillow

Passion Pillow for The Enthusiastic

You are someone earnestly looking for his mission, discovers it and lives it, and will organize his entire life around this assignment. There’s a drive in you to achieve your complete potential. For someone looking to make your dreams come true, a pillow that gives you great dreams is a must. Made from 100% Natural Latex that keeps bacteria and dust mites away, MM Foam’s Passion Pillows are perfect for you.

Life Companion Pillow

Life Companion Pillow for The Dependable

You need something you can carry around and that is with you for life, for better or worse. Something you sleep on every night and spend 8 hours a day with, is definitely a constant factor in your life. MM Foam’s Life Companion Pillows shall always improve your sleep with its pincore technology allowing breathing space, and its light weight lets you carry it around.


Contour Pillow for The Perceptive (Options: Empathic, Intuitive, Thoughtful, Diplomatic)

You feel and see everything in detail. When something is off, or not right, you know immediately. Even the slightest discomfort is felt by you acutely, physically and emotionally. MM Foam’s Contour Pillows make sure that nothing disturbs your comfy nights with its dual thickness and anti-sagging properties. Your back and neck get the support they deserve.

Neckare Pillow

Neckare Pillow for The Practical

Pillows are meant to support your head and neck. As a practical individual, you understand the purpose of a pillow and buy one that shall cater to all your needs, instead of trying out various sleeping positions and pain relieving techniques. You bought a pillow and you mean for it to last.  MM Foam’s Neckare Pillows are 100% Natural Latex, hypo-allergenic and improve blood circulation. It’s the complete package.

We understand different kinds of people have different requirements. MM Foam Pillows have the solution – different styles for different demands, made especially for you from 100% Natural Latex.

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