The Magic of Latex Mattresses and Pillows

No more nightmares about uncomfortable nights. Natural latex has your back. There are endless reasons why you should switch to mattresses, made from natural latex, safely tapped from rubber trees. Better sleep, dust-mite free nights, enhanced blood circulation, spinal support, body temperature control and, to top it all, it’s eco-friendly and scent free. So, sleep with a clear mind, for more reasons than one!

Supportive : Comfortably soft, but firm enough for spinal support. They take to the natural curve of your body, reducing stress on your back, hip and shoulders.

Temperature Control: Imagine a bed that keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters. Cool, right? That’s exactly what natural latex does. Naturally breathable, with sophisticated Pincore technology, air circulation is uninterrupted – preventing heat or moisture build up.

Dust free: These ultra-comfortable latex mattresses are inhospitable to bed bugs. They are hypo allergic and help Asthma patients breath and sleep better.

Long lasting: The resilient latex mattresses are exceptionally durable and a life-long companion. The 100% natural and comfortable mattresses and pillows by MM Foam also come with a 7-year warranty. So, make the switch and gift yourself longer nights and stronger days.

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