Mattress Bootcamp – Could your mattress survive these tests?

MM Foam Latex mattresses undergo stringent quality tests as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Spec. IS 1741-1960.

Being a mattress is no easy job. You need to be able to perform under pressure, to stay strong for several years and also be very supportive. That’s why MM Foam has developed a strict testing process. We weed out the weaklings and make sure you only get the best mattresses.

The Flexing Test
What’s the lifespan of your mattress?
Your MM Foam mattress needs to be there for you. And to make sure that its stronger than a bodybuilder at the gym, it is put under the ‘flexing test’. This test assesses its resistance when subjected to cyclic loading. A sample is subjected to a continued flexing test with an indentor for 2,50,000 cycles at rate of 4 cycles per second and measuring the loss in hardness and thickness.
So that when you plop down onto your mattress every night, 365 days a year, for many years, it still holds up.

The Hardness Test
Can your mattress withstand heavy weights?
Regardless of your weight, height and shape, a good mattress will support you. That’s why we put our mattresses through an ‘indentation hardness test’. The test method is carried out to determine the mattress firmness, stiffness or load bearing capacity.

The Ageing Test
Is your mattress resistant to deterioration?
All-natural products tend to deteriorate over time. To test the durability of our 100% natural latex mattresses, we carry out an ageing test. The ageing test is carried out on our mattress to determine its relative deterioration resistance at elevated temperature and high pressure oxygen environment. Only the mattresses that can prove their durability, are allowed to meet you.

The Compression Test
Is your mattress as resilient as you think it is?
A good mattress shows resilience by getting back to its original thickness after being slept on. Compression set test measures the ability of mattress to return to its original thickness after prolonged compressive stresses at a given temperature and deflection We test this by simply placing a weight on the mattress for a while and then measuring its thickness. We even test it in environments with different humidity. So, wherever you sleep on it, you won’t find an imprint of yourself after you get up from your mattress. (You’ll need to find snow for that!)

And there you have it. The strict training and testing every MM Foam mattress is put through, to become not just the mattress you want, but the mattress you truly deserve.

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