The season of festivities has arrived. So, here’s a little poem that’s an ode to the mood of merriment. One that inspires you to wake up positive and make the most of the celebrations.

Festive mornings are right upon you,

’Tis time to arise fresh and anew.

Wake up with cheer that shows on you,

Together with joy in many a hue.


Rise up with the sun and shower some light,

Be the one who makes merriments bright.

Wake up positive, fresh and cheerful,

As festivities rent the air, and delight is in full.


Revel in the mood of festive fun,

Keep it going, till you’re all but done.

Wake up to the occasion mighty and merry,

Embrace the camaraderie and revelry.


‘Tis time to rise and rejoice every morning,

As lovely and loud go the bells ringin’.

Whatever might be your whim or reason

Wake up and celebrate the festive season.


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