Mother Nature Needs A Rest.

While a few may dismiss global warming as ‘alternative fact’, many around the world are making the switch to green living. Eating organic food, living with a smaller carbon footprint and reducing water usage are some of the ways they do this. But did you know that you can save the planet while you sleep? All natural latex mattresses can cut down your carbon footprint, save money, and even save Mother Nature:

  1. It reduces at least 143 tons of CO2 from the environment.
    Natural latex comes from tapping a rubber tree. 2500 trees are tapped to make a queen-sized Pincore mattress. This means that 2500 trees need to be planted and protected for a minimum of six years. These trees remove 143 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment every year- one of those toxic greenhouse gases we’re all worried about.
  2. It’s unafraid of commitment.
    With a long lifespan, good quality natural latex mattresses are highly durable. They keep you from rushing to the store to get another, saving both money and natural resources in the process.
  3. After use, it can be fed back to the planet.
    All natural latex is also biodegradable. If not for years of restful sleep, there would be no evidence that your mattress was ever here.
  4. It reduces the need for coolers and heaters.
    With pin-type cores, natural latex mattress is very breathable. It keeps you cool and comfy on hot summer nights, and warm and cosy during the winter.

And that’s how you let Mother Nature get some rest- in the comfort of clean, friendly natural latex.

If you’re looking to switch to a top-quality latex mattress, turn to MM Foam. The makers of 100% natural latex mattresses.

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