Shed Your Cosy Monsoon Cocoon With These 7 Upbeat Tunes

On most days, you’re ready for that morning alarm. The two of you have a clear, unspoken agreement. Alarm rings, you’re fully charged and ready to seize the day. Our natural latex mattresses have that effect.

Then come the monsoon months. And enter: the sly snooze button, your worst undoing. Now when your alarm rings, you’re still rested and charged. Your body is as ready to seize the day! But the snooze button begins to look very tempting.

It’s not your fault you tap it. The hypnotic rhythm of raindrops, the perfectly temperature-regulated latex foam of your mattress, it’s a lethal combination.

But don’t worry, here’s how we can help:
While we can’t make our mattresses any less cosy, we can show you how to break out of your blanket-wrapped state. We’ve compiled a list of tunes that are sure to disrupt the monsoon hypnosis, and get you grooving with your dear, morning alarm.

Just click on the song titles and press play

1. MGMT | Electric Feel
2. Two Door Cinema Club | What You Know
3. Phoenix | 1901
4. Justin Timberlake | Can’t Stop the Feeling
5. Franz Ferdinand | Take Me Out
6. Jet | Are You Gonna Be My Girl
7. Bruno Mars | 24K Magic

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