Sleep is a part of your fitness routine

While people put a premium on physical fitness and fancy diets, sleep is seldom mentioned as being important to good health. Here’s what is important to note – sleep binds everything together. Physical activity and diet are all bound together by sleep. It helps your body recover and rest and these things are as integral […]

If you can’t fall asleep, count 4-7-8.

Have you been having problems with falling asleep, lately? Do you get up in the middle of the night, toss and turn in bed without going back to sleep? If you’ve said ‘yes’ to these, then you must also be feeling sleepy in the day, yawning in between meetings or you could be feeling droopy […]

Choosing the right mattress for your child. (No kidding!)

Making sure your child sleeps on the right kind of mattress is not really a task. What’s important is that you do it, as the right mattress will ensure your child a good night’s rest. As children are in their growing years, it is essential to ensure a mattress that can accommodate them through their […]

Your alarm habits can tell a lot about you. Alarmed?

6.00, 6.15, 6.20, 6.30, 7.00. Is this how your alarm clock looks when you go about hitting the snooze button? Then your alarm habits speak a lot about you – and also the quality of your sleep. While there are people who need at least five cycles of ring to get out of the bed […]

Sharing Bed with your Pet. Good or Bad?

Confused whether you can share your bed with your pet or not? Here’s all the information that can help you, which will also let you decide on this. Let’s start with pet behaviour. When it comes to behaviour issues, pet experts say that allowing a dog or a cat on bed with you doesn’t really […]

Wake up! You Can Challenge Insomnia

Trying hard to fall asleep but still can’t? It could be Insomnia. Even waking up in the middle of the night is a symptom of Insomnia. As much as it is a common problem, it needs to be fixed. Reasons could range from stress – to the kind of environment you sleep in. So, to […]

There’s More to Bedtime Stories, Than Putting Your Child to Sleep.

In times when most people have made the mobile phone an inseparable part of their life, children are getting lesser and lesser attention from their parents. All thanks to every new meme, every recycled forward, or a ‘viral video’ that lands on their phone. And it’s now that children need a lot more conscious attention […]

Which ‘Sleep Mistakes’ are you Making?

If you haven’t been able to sleep well lately, you probably have been making some sleep mistakes. Or if you have been struggling to wake up fresh or have been feeling groggy throughout the day – it’s time to fix the issue. Take a look at the sleep mistakes you may have been making that […]

What’s the easiest New Year resolution to keep up?

The New Year isn’t far and so is the time to make resolutions for yet another 365 days. While we are too excited to ‘make’ them, we conveniently ‘break’ them as well. So, what’s your resolution for 2019? Make more money, give up smoking or drinking, fix your diet and eat healthy, lose weight, or […]

The Awesome Journey of Sleep from Grass to Latex

Over the last countless years, while man has continued to invent, discover and explore – what hasn’t changed is the need to retire and relax by way of sleeping. That’s because our body require as much sleep today, as much as it required in the time of Adam and Eve. The thing about sleeping is […]