Sleep – The food for work performance

It is well known that sleep plays a major part in work performance. How deeply this is linked is now being discovered by scientists using the latest research techniques and tools that include the high-end computing machines.

Scientists in Germany have delved into the molecular changes in the brain when faced with sleep deprivation and have come up with astounding discoveries.

It has been discovered that the longer one burned the midnight oil, the more difficult it became for the brain to memorize and a huge reduction in reaction time was also seen.


With increasing lack of sleep one of the key receptors in our brain, A1 adenosine became more prevalent as the subjects continued in a sleep deprived state resulting in poor performance. In the below test you can see the same brain when it has undergone a 52 hr. sleep deprivation and after a 14 hour recovery sleep.

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Average adenosine receptor density after a 52-hour wake phase (top) and after 14 hours of sleep (bottom). Credit: Forschungszentrum Jülich

In a study by University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine, sleep deprived subjects were tested following a vaccination and showed an increased likelihood of catching a virus


“The results are consistent with studies that show when sleep deprived people are given a vaccine, there is a lower antibody response and if you expose sleep deprived people to a rhinovirus they are more likely to get the virus,” said Dr. Nathaniel Watson, co-director of the UW Medicine Sleep Center at Harborview Medical Center. “This study provides further evidence of sleep to overall health and well-being particularly to immune health.

This shows how import sleep is for one to remain alert and positive throughout the day.

Why does one not get enough sleep? There are many reasons why people do not sleep enough. One of the key factors is work pressure and today’s hectic social life. In keeping with the times one is forced to lose one’s sleep. This has a cumulative effect and the disastrous consequences of this becomes apparent only in the later stages of one’s life.


But poor sleep is not just a result of work pressure alone. It is also related to your sleeping environment. The sound that one is subjected to, the light intensities as well as the mattresses one sleeps on.

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It has been found that you need to cut out even ambient sounds to get a good night’s sleep. And more importantly a great role is played by the surface one sleeps on.

A good mattress that supports the contours of your body and reduces motion travel is key to a good night’s sleep. That Natural Latex is one of the best surfaces to sleep on has been scientifically proven. This is because latex has the ability to cushion you in a way that keeps the body suspended in a comfortable and supportive fashion. The natural holes in the surface of the mattress act as ventilators allowing for the mattress to breathe, keeping your body comfortable in all types of weather.

Consequently, good sleeps allows you to wake up in a good mood that keeps you positive through the day and gets the optimum out of you while keeping people around you cheerful as well.

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