of quality service
Most Durable mattress
compared to any
other mattress
Perfect support
for spinal cord
Dust Mite Resistant,
Boosts blood

100% Natural Latex.
The gold standard in mattresses.

Natural latex, derived from the sap output of Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber) trees, can make all the difference in how you wake up, after a night of sleep.

Optimum back support

Get the support your back requires with mattresses that conform seamlessly to the weight and curves of your body.

High resilience

Highly resistant natural latex helps the mattress compress and bounce back to its original shape immediately after use.

Stay cool in summer and warm in winter

An open celled structure and ventilation allow for natural regulation of temperature throughout the mattress.

No motion transfer

Provides more motion isolation than any other mattress, so the person sleeping next to you is not disturbed when you move.


Anti-microbial properties help the mattress stay dust and mite resistant and hypoallergenic as well.


Is more durable when compared to any other mattresses in the market.

Find the Latex Mattress that suits your need.

Not all latex mattresses are alike. Find the one that offers the comfort and health benefits you are seeking.


Medium compression and pin-type cores for easy ventilation.

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Hard compression and pin-type cores, to provide relief for your back.

Shop Hardcore mattress


Offers medium compression and comes with single side usage.

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100% natural latex mattresses that conform to the curves of your body.

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MM Foam latex pillows are made of 100% natural latex.

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Enhance your sleep experience.

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Our Customers say it best!

"I bought pillows and a mattress from MM Foam. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Keep up the good work!!"

- Rohan Kuriyan, Feb 2018

"MM Foam is India’s Best 100% pure Latex mattress manufacturer."

- Naveen Bothra, Aug 2018

"Really good collection of latex mattress! Highly recommended!"

- Sudheer Kumar, Sep 2017

"The Pincore mattress is excellent and worth the money."

- Kumaresh Narayan, Aug 2018

"One of the best for all kinds of mattresses. The products are 100% natural and manufactured as per BIS standards."

- Malli Arjun, Feb 2018

"From the first day of using MM foam, my sleep has improved. The speedy delivery and the service is awesome. Thank you guys..."

- Karthik, Feb 2018

"The mattress got delivered in very good condition with neat packaging as per the promised timelines. I have got what I needed."

- Prasanth Y, May 2017

"The best mattress I have used till date. "

- Dawson T, Jan 2018

Thinking beyond Latex?

MM Foam offers select non-latex products, made with the same exacting care, that appeal to every pocket.


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Easy Matt offers you
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MM Foam mattresses are not just comfortable to sleep on, but easy to own as well.

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Keeping your warranty is now easier with E‐Warranty

Your MM Foam product comes with a warranty. Register it here and reap the benefits.

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Know what it feels like to sleep and wake up on an MM Foam mattress by visiting our exclusive Mattress Experience Zone.

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Cot measurement service.

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Make your mattress
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A few simple tips can make your mattress last longer.

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