The Awesome Journey of Sleep from Grass to Latex

Over the last countless years, while man has continued to invent, discover and explore – what hasn’t changed is the need to retire and relax by way of sleeping. That’s because our body require as much sleep today, as much as it required in the time of Adam and Eve. The thing about sleeping is […]

Listen, Podcast is a New Way to Stay Refreshed.

There’s a new way to keep your mind fresh, whether you are at home, on the move, or just need a break from your work-and-life routine. It’s called Podcast. Just in case you aren’t familiar with Podcasts, let’s introduce you to it. A Podcast is a piece of audio (live or recorded) you can listen […]

Alert! Here’s how you can beat Jet Lag.

If you are used to travelling past multiple time zones, guess you must be used to Jet Lag as well? To explain in simple words, Jet Lag happens when a person’s biological system finds it difficult to adjust to the time zone present in. That is, difficulty in sleeping, staying awake or staying alert in […]

Wake Up Before The Ills of Sleeping Pills Hit You Hard

Studies on sleep patterns and sleep behaviour have shown that 10% to 30% of adults experience insomnia at any given point in time. And how do they address that? Unfortunately, most resort to popping sleeping pills as a quick solution. While sleeping pills may put you to sleep and may even solve your sleep-related issues, […]

Sleep more, work less, live healthy

Sleep more, work less, live healthy Research by scientists on sleep behaviour has thrown startling results on the average time that people have been sleeping. Over the last few decades, the number of hours people have been sleeping in a night has only been reducing. From an average of over 8 hours a night in […]

Sleep your stress away.

Stress and sleep share a very dependable relationship with each other. That is, while stress can negatively impact sleep, having a good night’s sleep regularly can actually help beat stress. When you have the burden of something on your head, it affects your mind, and that in turn affects your sleep. So, people suffering from […]

We are Working Hard to Keep Mother Earth Healthy

We are Working Hard to Keep Mother Earth Healthy The degradation of environment is probably the greatest concern dominating us today. While one section of the world is contributing recklessly to factors that degrade the environment. Another section is fighting hard and taking measures to reverse the loss and protect the good of nature, of […]

This World Health Day, Let healthy Sleep Your Commitment.

This World Health Day, Let healthy Sleep Your Commitment. The 7th of April 2018 is World Health Day, a day that reminds us that we need to take our health seriously. The theme of this year’s World Health Day is ‘Health For All’. It focuses on increasing human life expectancy through promotion and practice of […]

Wake up and celebrate the season.

Wake up and celebrate the season. The season of festivities has arrived. So, here’s a little poem that’s an ode to the mood of merriment. One that inspires you to wake up positive and make the most of the celebrations. Wake up and celebrate the season. Festive mornings are right upon you, ’Tis time to […]

History of Pillows

History of Pillows Today, a good night’s sleep seems to be a distant dream. With grueling work schedules and hectic lifestyles, eight hours of shut-eye is nigh impossible. Thankfully, a healthy sleep aid is at hand – an MM Foam 100% Natural Latex Pillow. They go beyond comfort, providing therapeutic support to your neck, back, […]