Choosing the right mattress for your child. (No kidding!)

Making sure your child sleeps on the right kind of mattress is not really a task. What’s important is that you do it, as the right mattress will ensure your child a good night’s rest. As children are in their growing years, it is essential to ensure a mattress that can accommodate them through their growing years. So here are a few things to keep in mind, while picking the perfect mattress for your child.

Right Size

Ideally, we’d recommend a full-sized mattress; one that can sleep more than one child. This type of mattress is of the same length as a standard double mattress. An advantage of this is, it can accommodate a child even when he/she grows up.

Right Material

Kids with allergies are sensitive to synthetic mattresses as it can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems and other health issues. So, it makes sense to choose an organic mattress or one made of natural materials like cotton or natural latex. In fact, the covers of MM Foam mattresses are certified organic by leading global organizations.

Right Support

Latex mattresses are best for back and can last up to 30 years. They provide excellent support, are hypoallergenic and last longer than other types of mattresses.

Right Comfort

Children are active by nature and get tired after a busy day at school. What they need is a mattress that offers firm support. Latex mattresses take the shape of the body, providing natural support to the spinal cord.

Right Care

Kids are prone to accidents as jumping on the bed is one of their greatest pastimes. A mattress protector is a good thing to use, irrespective of the type of mattress you use, as it guards against stains and can be cleaned easily compared to a mattress.

Right Cot

Having a sturdy and solid cot is as essential as having a good mattress. While choosing a cot, ensure that the frame is of the same size as your regular mattress and fits comfortably inside the bed frame.

So if you are looking to ensure that your child has a good mattress underneath, explore MM Foam mattresses .