Does pollution keep you up at night?

Does pollution keep you up at night?

In 2015, Delhi topped World Health Organisation’s list of most polluted cities with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 360. The AQI in 2016 was a hazardous 445. But 2017 was the cleanest Diwali Delhi has seen in 3 years, with an AQI of 319 as the government took measures to control pollution, with a firecracker sale ban. (Source:

This Festival of Lights, a state took a step to become more environmentally conscious. We at MM Foam are also doing our bit to reduce pollution, not just one day a year but every single day.

  1. A natural latex mattress is eco-friendly, since latex is derived in a sustainable, environment-friendly manner. For a single mattress, latex is tapped from around 2500 trees. These trees help reduce 143 tons of carbon dioxide every year from the atmosphere.
  2. Natural latex is biodegradable which makes it an investment for the future.
  3. These ultra-comfortable latex mattresses are hypo-allergic, anti-bacterial,
    dust-mite resistant, and improve blood circulation. For patients with chronic breathing issues and sleep disorders, our mattresses are a boon.

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