Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is natural latex?

    Natural latex is made purely from the sap output of the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. It is natural, breathable and made through sustainable practices.

  • Does Natural Latex Mattress generate heat?

    Latex mattresses do not generate heat. In fact, natural latex mattresses stay cooler than other mattresses due to their breathable, open-cell structure. These mattresses also contain pin-type cores that enhance circulation. One single-sized mattress contains 8840 pin cores, providing enough ventilation.

  • How is Natural Latex Mattress different from memory Foam?

    Unlike memory foam, latex is 100% natural. Latex mattresses are resilient and naturally antibacterial, dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic. Memory Foam is synthetic, and tends to sink/sag over time and traps heat.

  • Is Natural Latex Mattress good for back pain?

    Natural Latex is the best material for back support. By conforming to the natural curves of the body and being resilient over time, our latex mattresses ensure that pressure points do not arise. Your spinal cord is fully supported with a natural latex mattress.

  • Natural latex seems soft. Will this mattress sag or sink over time?

    Natural latex is extremely resilient, and your MM Foam mattress even comes with a 7-year warranty. While all our mattresses provide adequate support for your spinal cord, they are also available in increasing levels of firmness- Pincore, Multicore and Hardcore. Pincore and Multicore provide medium compression while Hardcore provides hard compression. All our mattresses are manufactured as per BIS Standard IS: 1741-1960.

  • What is Pincore technology?

    Pincore Technology refers to the pin-type cores of 6mm in diameter present on Pincore and Hardcore mattress to provide air circulation and increase breathability.

  • How is a Pincore mattress different from a Multicore mattress?

    Both Pincore and Multicore mattresses are made from 100% Natural Latex and have medium compression. While the Pincore mattress contains pin-type cores of 6mm in diameter and is reversible, the Multicore mattress contains 18/14mm tapered pin-type cores, and is non-reversible.

  • Which of the mattresses are reversible?

    Reversible: Pincore & Hardcore
    The Pincore and Hardcore mattresses can be used on both sides. In fact, we recommend they be reversed and rotated once in six months to ensure that pressure is evenly applied over the entire mattress.
    Non-Reversible: Multicore
    The Multicore mattress cannot be used on both sides due to its layered internal structure. We recommend rotating the mattress, from top to toe, once in six months.

  • What are the quality standard and test procedures followed?

    Each MM Foam Natural Latex Mattress undergoes stringent quality tests as per BIS Standard IS 1741/1960. It undergoes flexing, indentation, hardness and ageing tests to ensure it remains the best shape for many years.

  • Can I get a customized mattress?

    Yes, you can get a customized mattress in any shape, size and thickness you require. With the help of our mattress service programme, you can get your bed frame measured and have a customized MM Foam mattress with you in no time. To know more about this service, reach us at +91 - 44 – 28191931 or email us at

  • What is the warranty for MM Foam Latex Mattresses?

    All our Natural Latex mattresses come with a 7-year warranty.


    What is the best way to protect my mattress from stains and liquid?

    A mattress protector works best in keeping your mattress free from stains and liquids.

  • In case the mattress becomes wet can I dry it under the Sun?

    Your latex mattress should never be exposed to the sun. In case your mattress does get wet, air dry it under a fan.

  • I am interested in the Pincore mattress. How can I book it ?

    To make an enquiry please click here. Our sales representative will get back to you at the earliest.


    I am interested in visiting a showroom. How can I get details regarding this ?

    You can find out about our exclusive showrooms here. Alternatively click here to make an enquiry. Our sales representative will get back to you at the earliest.