Make your mattress live looooooong!

A few simple maintenance measures can help increase the lifespan of your
mattress and also the level of comfort it provides


Ensure that the mattress is placed on a firm flat surface.


Do not lift the mattress by holding the edges of the mattress, instead, hold it from the bottom and turn it as depicted in the diagram.


A mattress needs to be periodically flipped and rotated from head to tail to avoid body impression from being formed. We recommend that you do this every 6 months.

Rotating the mattress

  • 01- Initial Position

  • 02- Rotate the mattress

  • 03- Realign mattress

Flipping the mattress

  • 01- Rotate mattress over
    end of base

  • 02- Raise mattress on edge

  • 03- Lower mattress over

  • 04- Align mattress with base


Sleeping on a mattress with a bed spread on, is the ideal way to keep it clean.


A mattress should never be rolled but kept flat, away from direct sunlight and water


In case a mattress happens to get wet, please dry it under a fan only.


Do not use any chemical cleaning agent on a mattress.


Use a Mattress Protector to avoid liquid from getting into the mattress.


Do not jump on a mattress.


Vacuum clean the mattress regularly once in 3 months.