Hybrid & Non-Latex Mattresses

These mattresses and pillows are a combination of two or more non-latex materials like PU foam, coir, knitted fabric and fibre, engineered to offer you a high-level of comfort every time you rest on them.

Dual Harmony Mattress

Hybrid - Natural Latex

The comfort of natural latex with the support of rebonded PU foam, it is hard on one side and soft on the other. Starting price: ₹17,587*

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Memorise Mattress

Hybrid Memory Foam

The body-hugging memory foam and quilt provides superior comfort. Starting price: ₹24,864*

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Orthobond Mattress

Rebonded Foam

Made of high-density rebonded foam and premium fabric quilt for enhanced back support. Starting price: ₹7,447*

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Amaze Mattress

Premium PU Foam

A mattress with soft foam topping and premium knitted fabric to ensure a good night's sleep. Starting price: ₹9,284*

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Eco Pride Mattress

Rubberized Coir

Rubberized Coir mattress with rebonded PU foam topping and PU quilted fabric for extra comfort. Starting price: ₹5,224*

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*Price for single size and 4-inch thickness mattress.