Latex Accessories Latex Accessories

Latex Accessories

For easing the pain of ailments or enhancing your sleep experience, MM Foam's accessories are just what you need. Each product is made to provide comfort, support and resilience for many years to come.

Coccyx Cushion

Natural Latex

Ease pressure on your tailbone and coccyx region. Price: ₹2,830

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Hemorrhoid Cushion

Natural Latex

Sit for long hours with the help of this comfortable cushion. Price: ₹3,043

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Travel Pillow

Natural Latex

Sleep comfortably with adequate neck support during travel. Price: ₹3,030

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Mattress Protector

100% Cotton

For additional protection from fluids and moisture. Price: ₹1,565*

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Sofa Cushion

Natural Latex

Feel the comfort and support of 100% Natural Latex on your sofa. Price: ₹2,368*

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