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Latex Pillows

The MM Foam Latex pillows are made of 100% natural latex. The same stuff that goes into our comfortable, therapeutically supportive mattresses. Made with care and love these pillows are so comfortable that you'd love to snuggle up with one. The fine detailing and quality control keeps them durable for many years.

Passion Pillow

Natural Latex

A dream pillow that invites a peaceful night’s sleep. Starting price: ₹2,507

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Snuggle Pillow

Natural Latex

Soft enough to snuggle with, firm enough for neck support. Starting price: ₹2,277

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Life Companion Pillow

Natural Latex

A cool sleep surface you will never want to let go. Starting price: ₹3,227

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Neckare Pillow

Natural Latex

Ensures perfect alignment of your spine and neck. Starting price: ₹2,746

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Contour Pillow

Natural Latex

Contoured to support the natural curve of your neck and back. Starting price: ₹2,402

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D-Curve Pillow

Natural Latex

Optimum support of the neck.
Built with Nano Core Technology.

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D-Curve Pillownew

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