Sharing Bed with your Pet. Good or Bad?

Confused whether you can share your bed with your pet or not? Here’s all the information that can help you, which will also let you decide on this.

Let’s start with pet behaviour. When it comes to behaviour issues, pet experts say that allowing a dog or a cat on bed with you doesn’t really cause problems. This fact doesn’t apply to other animals who exhibit aggressive behaviour, though.

Pets really want to be around their masters and are attracted to their body odour. So, if you are someone who isn’t comfortable sharing your bed with your pet, but still want him / her around, just set up a clean and comfortable bed close to your bedroom. And as pets like your scent, do put some clothing of yours in there.

Let’s talk about children and pets now. More than adults, its the little children who like to cozy up with the family dog or pet. But pet experts advise that children 6 years and under shouldn’t sleep alone with a pet. That’s because taking care of pets is a responsibility, and kids this young may not be well-versed. A child may indulge in acts like pulling a pet’s tail, teasing, rough play, or may even ignore it by denying the bare essentials of food and water. Moreover, dogs and cats may tolerate some mischief, but such constant acts may make them fearful and prompt them to attack the child (rare, but possible). It is wise to let a child be grown-up enough before allowing the pet to share the bed. Now, some might think pets make a good guard for babies. But it is advisable to keep pets away from them, as kids are more prone to infections due to undeveloped immune system.

To sum up, you will not catch a disease or an illness sleeping with a dog or cat, as long as both are in good health. That is, if your pet has no ticks, fleas or parasites. The pet should also be up-to-date with vaccinations, and of course, regular vet check-ups. But take strict note that people with weak immunity, cancer patients and organ transplant recipients should NOT share their bed with pets.

But those of you who are used to sleeping with their dog know that it has its own benefits. Such a habit helps us relax, unwind and it even helps some people with insomnia to sleep without medications. Yes, sleeping with pets can be therapeutic.