Sleep more, work less, live healthy

Sleep more, work less, live healthy

Research by scientists on sleep behaviour has thrown startling results on the average time that people have been sleeping. Over the last few decades, the number of hours people have been sleeping in a night has only been reducing. From an average of over 8 hours a night in the 1950s, to just about 6 hours a night now, the duration of sleep we’ve been giving ourselves has been coming down drastically.

Unfortunately, there’s so much around us today that has been eating into our sleep-time. It starts from the pressures of work to everything around it like deadlines, over-time, including goals and ambitions. Then there are other different habits that people have been embracing just to keep themselves from going to sleep, or to limit their sleep time. Like caffeine, alarm clocks, alcohol and even devices like mobile phones. On the other hand, while we’ve invented conveniences like air-conditioners and room-heaters for our comfort, these appliances have been messing up with our body clock, disrupting our sleep and rest patterns.

Worst of all, major diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression have been established to have a strong and direct connect with lack of sleep.

All this clearly establishes that we need to maintain a healthy balance of life, work and the amount of sleep we give ourselves. MM Foam can contribute to this by being your healthy-sleep partner, with its range of mattresses and pillows.