Sleep your stress away.

Sleep your stress away

Stress and sleep share a very dependable relationship with each other. That is, while stress can negatively impact sleep, having a good night’s sleep regularly can actually help beat stress.

When you have the burden of something on your head, it affects your mind, and that in turn affects your sleep. So, people suffering from chronic stress have poor sleep quality. And when you have poor quality sleep, stress levels go up, eventually impacting your general health.

Let’s explain this better. When you deprive yourself of sleep at night, the body produces more stress hormones. The brain releases chemicals related to deep sleep that prevents the body from producing stress hormones. So what happens is, due to insufficient sleep, your body keeps pushing the level of those hormones up. And the next day, you feel a lot more stressed and struggle to fall asleep. What worsens the situation is that stress hormones peak in the afternoon and early evening, and that’s when one really needs some sleep.

This cycle has a negative impact on your system making you feel more exhausted, turning you less capable of being able to focus anywhere. The other side to this is that prolonged levels of stress can lead to heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, weakened immune system, stomach disorders, and other health issues.

So to bring down stress levels from your life, ensure you have a good sleep.