There’s More to Bedtime Stories, Than Putting Your Child to Sleep.

In times when most people have made the mobile phone an inseparable part of their life, children are getting lesser and lesser attention from their parents. All thanks to every new meme, every recycled forward, or a ‘viral video’ that lands on their phone. And it’s now that children need a lot more conscious attention than ever. So, while reading out bedtime stories is a great way to put children to sleep, there are other emotional and scientific benefits as well.

Bedtime stories are an essential part of childhood, enabling a prosperous, fulfilling life ahead. Moreover, consider the role of a storyteller as an amazing ‘parenting privilege’.

Studies have established that reading a story every day can have a positive effect on a child’s attention span, improving concentration abilities.

Reading bedtime stories also enhance basic speech and reading abilities, while also promoting communication skills in a child, irrespective of the stage.

Stories are a great way to set the foundation for a child’s language recognition skills and strong vocabulary from an early age.

Bedtime reading can help your child approach difficult topics and explore various emotions.

Reading can take a child on a journey of incredible imagination, allowing to get up close with jungles, mountains, valleys and even superheroes.

Bedtime reading is a good way to relax your child’s mind and body before going to bed. It helps relieve the child of any anxieties.

With bedtime-stories, reading becomes a habit and a part of your child’s life. It gradually turns into a pleasure, as you many not have to urge your child to read after he/she grows up.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of reading bedtime stories to your child is the opportunity to spend time together, which is something you’ll cherish even after your child has grown up.

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