What Your Mattress Is Desperate To Tell You

What Your Mattress Is Desperate To Tell You

After spending six decades with mattresses, MM Foam has uncovered a few of their secrets. And we’re ready to spill the beans. Here’s what your mattress wants you to know:

1. I’m two-faced.

That’s right, your mattress has two cosy sides to it. And on a reversible mattress, both sides must be used. If you tend to sleep in the same spot on your mattress every night, it could lead to an uneven surface. So if your mattress is non-reversible, rotate it head-to-toe every three months. And if it’s reversible, rotate it head-to-toe and flip it every three months.

2. Save your hops, skips and jumps for the floor.

Don’t allow your children (or anyone of any age) to jump on your bed. Roughhousing can really damage your mattress.

3. I’m as afraid of bugs as you are.

If you knew what grime collects on your mattress, you wouldn’t sleep at night. And that’s why a good quality mattress protector is essential. They offer protection from spills, accidents, dust, skin oils, dead skin cells and dust-mites. Ugh, dust-mites. Once they get in your mattress, you can start preparing for its last rites.

*Pro tip – Pick a natural latex mattress that is dust-mite resistant and less likely to cause allergies.

4. Speaking of bugs…

Eating in bed leaves traces of food. And food attracts bugs. You’ll be surprised how little food insects need to survive and thrive. So to keep them off your bed, try your best not to bring food onto your mattress.

And there you have it. Straight talk from your mattress. Wouldn’t it help to hear from all your other furniture?