What’s the easiest New Year resolution to keep up?

The New Year isn’t far and so is the time to make resolutions for yet another 365 days. While we are too excited to ‘make’ them, we conveniently ‘break’ them as well. So, what’s your resolution for 2019? Make more money, give up smoking or drinking, fix your diet and eat healthy, lose weight, or aim for a promotion? No matter what your goal is, if you adhere to that one good resolution we’ll soon tell you about, you can actually fulfill many of them.

So, have you ever set yourself a New Year resolution of getting better sleep? Because, a full and restful night’s sleep can do a whole lot of good for your health! On that note, here’s to the many benefits of sleeping better.

Sleep better to lose weight

Sufficient sleep every night can help the body recover from fatigue and avoid excess weight gain. Sleep regulates body’s hormones, whereas shorter sleep can upset the balance, leading to weight gain.

Sleep better to focus better

If you are aiming for a promotion, better sleep can help. Lack of sufficient sleep at night can affect the memory and the ability to focus. This can mean frequent distractions at work and reduced efficiency. So, get enough sleep, focus better and work to your best.

Sleep better to solve problems better

Sleep has an impact on the functions of brain that include cognition, concentration, productivity and performance. Restful sleep is known to improve problem-solving skills and memory-retention in children and adults.

Sleep better to stay fit

Sleep enhances athletic performance as it improves speed, accuracy, reaction time and mental well-being. Research among women has shown that poor sleep is linked to slow walking, lesser grip strength and strain in doing regular activities.

Sleep better to keep depression away

A lot of people suffer from depression due to poor sleep quality. It has been noticed that those with sleeping disorders like insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea report high rates of depression than those without.

Sleep better to keep up relationships (really!)

Lack of sleep reduces the ability to interact socially. People with deprived sleep have reduced ability to recognize temper or happiness. It’s believed that poor sleep affects the ability to recognize vital social cues to process emotional information.

Together with nutrition and exercise, good sleep is one of the pillars of health. A state of mental and physical balance cannot be achieved without taking care of your sleep. That said, sleeping for 6 to 8 hours a night is essential for good health. So, make ‘sleeping better’ your New Year resolution.

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